Asset editing & creation

Correction of expression and scale mail clipping

Correction of eye expression

Match large robot render to scene, clean up, color correct, add lighting etc.

The marketing team really wanted to use this art asset for a campaign promoting the new paladin class in Eden Eternal but the developers had not provided anything of substantial quality.

It was my task to take the original flat colored art asset and give it more depth through shading and lighting so it could meet quality needed for marketing materials.

In this example the art asset needed to have more coverage in the torso area in order to be appropriate for marketing use. Additionally, some minor lighting and color correction was done.

Modified the existing Shaiya goddess artwork to fit the new Phoenix campaign including creation of the phoenix asset.

Color correction of orginal art asset for Pearl heroes to better fit the design direction of the marketing materials.


Here you can find examples of creation of new assets as well as the modification and color correction of existing game assets to better use them in marketing materials.